We Won Top Prize In Q1 – Google Partner Rewards

We Won Top Prize In Q1 – Google Partner Rewards

We’re very proud to announce in Q1 2017 we won the Google Partner Rewards top prize for bringing on new clients and providing high-quality service!

What are Google Partner Rewards?

Google Partner Rewards are incentives for AdWords agencies to take on new clients and provide them a great service. In return, Google offer rewards in the form of prizes and trips to agencies for being top performers for that quarter.

What did we win?

We won a top spot in Q1 2017 and were invited to a white water rafting experience, but sadly some of our team could not attend so we have been awarded a coffee machine, along with some other Google goodies instead!

We’ll have some pictures of the goodies as soon as they arrive.

Google Ads expert, conversion optimisation consultant and digital marketing coach. Abbie has almost 8 years of experience working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of paid ad campaigns to super-charge growth and ROI.

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  1. Viv h. 7 years ago

    Well done, definitely deserved!

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