We Won Top Prize In Q1 – Google Partner Rewards

We Won Top Prize In Q1 – Google Partner Rewards

We’re very proud to announce in Q1 2017 we won the Google Partner Rewards top prize for bringing on new clients and providing high-quality service!

What are Google Partner Rewards?

Google Partner Rewards are incentives for AdWords agencies to take on new clients and provide them a great service. In return, Google offer rewards in the form of prizes and trips to agencies for being top performers for that quarter.

What did we win?

We won a top spot in Q1 2017 and were invited to a white water rafting experience, but sadly some of our team could not attend so we have been awarded a coffee machine, along with some other Google goodies instead!

We’ll have some pictures of the goodies as soon as they arrive.

CEO, Senior PPC Manager, and Optimisation Consultant. With over 5 years of experience on hundreds of accounts she is passionate about creating results for her clients, and creating successful and unique solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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  1. Viv h. 2 years ago

    Well done, definitely deserved!

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