Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing can seem so time consuming and expensive…

The truth is that there is a lot that goes into marketing a business, but you don’t have to do it all in one go. Your business needs a strategy unique to your needs, budget and stage of growth. Creating a strategy that fits you right now is key to making your marketing efforts really work.

You might be thinking “I don’t have the first idea on how to develop a marketing strategy”. Don’t worry! Whether you want to hire a specialist like myself to do it all for you, or if you want to learn to do your small business marketing yourself. I’ve got content for you.

  • Marketing doesn’t need to be stressful, time consuming and expensive
  • You CAN get great results with just a little time and effort in the right places.
  • It’s possible to learn what you need without searching 100,000 YouTube videos.

Get started with tools that are proven to work

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Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is a pay per click (PPC) advertising service by Google for all types of small and large businesses wanting to show ads on Google. With Google Adwords account management you can show ads to people who are searching for your exact products or services. Plus, you only pay when someone actually visits your site or performs a valuable action. 

small business ppc servicesGoogle My Business

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses, brands, artists and organisations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Using Google My Business will help potential customers to find you, especially if you serve people locally.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports on your website traffic. It’s an amazingly powerful tool that can give you invaluable insights like where your customers are based, what their interests are and how they interact with your website.

Search ads can get your business to the top of Google.

Search ads are an effective small business marketing strategy, and work well for most businesses. They allow you to show your ads for any keyword you choose. You can control the locations and times your ads show.

For example, a florist might advertise on keywords like “wedding flowers” between the hours of 8am and 4pm within 5 miles of their store location. People searching for wedding flowers will see their ads, visit their website and help drive more business.

You can start with search ads from as low as £5-£10 per day. Get in touch to talk about the best strategy for you.

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Product ads can drive sales for your online store.

Product ads are perfect for selling online. You can show images of products along with a title and price. Ads take users directly to the product page where they can then purchase through your website.

For example: a jeweler might want to sell her engraved bracelets on her website. Her product ads would show up if users search for “engraved silver bracelet”. Users can then click on her products to view and order them on her website.

Product ads drive millions of sales daily for online stores, so make sure you aren’t missing out by getting your product ads on Google Shopping and other search engines.

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Have an old website? Get a new one or try landing pages for great results!


Many small businesses often use old websites that may no longer be fit for purpose, or good enough to send paid for visitors to. However, it’s common for the price of a new website to be a real issue for smaller businesses. So I offer website and landing page creation services to help deal with this problem, giving you a high quality, purpose built and mobile friendly page to use with your campaigns for an affordable price.

Using purpose built landing pages helps to increase your conversion rates, and thus helps you get the very best return from your investment.

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Small business marketing services – Built specifically for your business.

I have been offering a range of specially designed services to small businesses for over 6 years to help them grow effectively and affordably online. If you are new to online advertising don’t worry! I’ll explain everything to you without jargon and create a bespoke proposal to forecast the results you could get for your desired budget.

Or perhaps you have already been using online ads, and haven’t generated the results you were hoping for. Get a free audit on your account to flag issues and make recommendations on how to improve your performance.

Whether you know exactly what you need, want a proposal, or just have questions  – get in touch.

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