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Search advertising can get your business to the top of Google for specific searches.

Search advertising is the primary (and original) form of ppc advertising (pay-per-click). On a very basic level, it works by matching your adverts with keywords that users search for online. Search ads work well for most businesses, and allow you to control the locations and times your ads show.

For example, a florist might advertise on keywords like “wedding flowers” between the hours of 8am and 4pm within 5 miles of their store location. People searching for wedding flowers will see their ads, visit their website and help drive more business.

You can start with search advertising from as low as £5 – £10 per day. Get in touch to talk about the best strategy for you.

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Keywords are the most important part of search advertising.

In search advertising the keywords that are chosen, and how they are used are essential. When a campaign is created, keywords should be expertly selected to meet the goals and budget of the campaign.

For example,  let’s say a bakery wants to create a campaign to show ads to people locally looking for fresh bread and cakes. However… it’s not quite that simple.

If the baker sets up a campaign without carefully choosing keywords and also adding negative keywords too (these are words that are excluded) then it could be very easy for them to waste money.

If the baker simply shows his ads for the keyword “bread” this could mean his ads show when people search for similar but unrelated things like “bread recipes”, “bread from Asda”, “can I give bread to birds” and so on. This would waste his budget.

The way keywords work can get pretty technical. There are also different types of keywords that work and trigger ads differently (even when you use the same words). This is called a keywords “match type”. The three main match types are:

Keyword match type broad: bread (shows for anything loosely relating to bread so: bread recipes, baguettes, bread pudding etc)

Keyword match type phrase: “bread” (shows for any searches containing the specific word bread so: bread recipes, bread types, i want some bread etc)

Keyword match type exact: [bread] (shows only for words or misspellings very close to the specific word bread so: bread, breads, bred, breadd).

What do search ads on Google look like?

There are a wide range of ad types you can use on Google to advertise your business. The best kind for you will depend on you budget and goals. Below are some examples.

google search page diagram
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