Why PPC Marketing is Important for Your Start-Up Growth

Why PPC Marketing is Important for Your Start-Up Growth

PPC Marketing Stimulates Traction

Consumers are increasingly focusing their attention online in search of products, entertainment, and information. The competition for getting their attention is fierce and often SEO is not enough. That is why pay-per-click or PPC marketing should be an important element of your start-up growth strategy.

When performed well PPC can have a profound effect on your business and generate sustainable growth in both the short and the long term. The technique is more cost effective than traditional methods and it allows you to accurately track and measure ROI. It can be adjusted to every budget and tested until optimum efficiency is reached. PPC also enriches your other digital marketing channels and can be tailored to your exact needs.

Cost Effective

PPC marketing allows you to invest as much as your budget allows. However, it is important to be flexible when you start so you can optimise your campaign to optimum delivery and then settle on a comfortable budget. You can set daily, weekly or monthly budgets in order to control cost. You also only pay when someone clicks on your ads, so what you pay is correlated to generated traffic, and you always know exactly what you have gained from your advertising spend.

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You can adjust the keywords you target based on their ROI. This low cost and rigid control method allows for quick entry into the market with a very targeted approach. This makes PPC an elegant and approachable technique that should be part of any start-up growth model. That is especially true in the early stages of a start-up when gaining traction is crucial.

Short Run Effectiveness

A comprehensive SEO effort and a digital campaign to bring organic traffic and generate leads are important but they take time to build up and manifest results. While a PPC marketing effort campaign can put you on the first page of search engine results on day one. The ability to get this relevant exposure and put your brand in front of your ideal buyer audience is key to gaining traction.

Your brand building efforts in the early stages of a business are crucial as you are establishing your initial consumer base. The access to a low-cost method like PPC to bring consistent quality traffic to your landing page sets you up for continual growth. It is a powerful tool that generates quality sales leads so you can test and improve your touch points along the consumer journey.

Test If Your Product Sells

One of the key advantages of PPC marketing is that it provides a mountain of data about your buyer audience. Every click and keyword you pay for is measurable and allows you to track, test and optimise almost in real time. Being able to test and update your targeting efforts helps you optimise return and better your consumers’ experience.

In order to do that in the most effective way, you should know the inner workings, rules, and guidelines of this digital platform. You should build and tweak your strategy with care and diligence or delegate it to someone who understands your needs and can execute it well. If you work with an agency you should make sure you collaborate regularly, ask questions and communicate clearly what your goals are from the outset. 

Put in the effort and be creative, innovative, and adjust your campaigns to your consumers’ needs so you can enrich all your marketing efforts and further understand your users.

Enrich Your Digital Marketing Channels

The data that your PPC marketing campaign generates can help you increase the efficiency of your other digital marketing channels too. You can use keyword insights to create long-tail key phrases to better target your SEO and optimise your organic lead generation. You can also focus your ads on a landing page to boost downloads if you are a SaaS start-up.

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You can add more scope to your email campaigns by landing your ads on a lead magnet or a giveaway in order to get more users into your marketing funnel. PPC gives you precision to direct your leads and target them at key times and places.

Find the Perfect Time and Place

You can use timing to your advantage by running ads during the time of the day when your team is most responsive so you increase your chances of conversion. You can also time your ads based on your audience schedule and when they are most likely to convert. You can also utilize geo-targeting and centre your ads on a geographical area where your target audience is concentrated.

If your potential users are more active on mobile you can target them only there for optimumc results. This ability to customize your approach is a fundamental benefit of PPC marketing that helps you focus your advertising budget and get the most out of it.


PPC marketing should be a key component of every start-up’s growth strategy in order to gain traction and create sustainable growth. The technique is very useful but you should not underestimate its complexity and be diligent in its execution. Keep in mind that PPC is not an end in itself, it is a beginning and with regular fine-tuning should accompany every breath your start-up takes. The method can boost brand presence, create growth, all while aiding you in staying profitable and flexible.

Rich Leese is a Google Certified junior PPC manager working on a wide range of our client accounts to help optimise and maintain great performance. Besides a love of marketing he is also into home brewing beer!


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