We’re Now Officially A Google Partner Agency!

We’re Now Officially A Google Partner Agency!

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We are now officially a Google Partner agency!

We’re very happy to finally have reached this goal after offering great service to our clients for the past 12 months. Getting Partner status will allow us to offer an even greater level of service and support. As a badged partner agency we now have official certification from Google to prove that we are indeed experts of Adwords and all it’s specialisms.

Although all of our managers have been certified for several years, Google recently changed the requirements of becomming a badged agency from 6 months of practice to 12 months. Only agencies who have provided a great service for 12 months or more are now awarded this badge.

Again we are proud to have finally earned the badge and we look forward to providing all of our clients with an even better service in the years to come with the support of our dedicated Google Partner team.

CEO, Senior PPC Manager, and Optimisation Consultant. With over 5 years of experience on hundreds of accounts she is passionate about creating results for her clients, and creating successful and unique solutions for businesses of all sizes.


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