PPC Management

PPC Account Management & Optimisation

PPC (pay-per-click) account management and optimisation is both and art and a science, consisting of many complex aspects. From search term management, ad optimisation and audience management, to device type bidding and more.

Not only do you have to consider all of the ever-changing technicalities of your PPC platform but you also have to closely monitor and proactively respond to competitor movement as well. This is why our experienced experts are the best choice to help you generate the best return on your PPC investment.



Optimise Your Budget

We understand that every business has different needs when it comes to budget optimisation, and we apply our experience and expertise through top quality ppc account management. This ensures your budget is spent effectively. Therefore, helping to produce the optimum return on investment.

Conversion Tracking Optimisation

One of the first and most important things we will do is analyse your tracking set up. Often accounts are set up without optimum tracking meaning that it is difficult or even impossible to fully understand the performance and return your campaigns generate.

Detailed Set Up

We take the time to really get to know your needs when first setting up your account so that the very best choices are made to help meet your business goals. Just a little extra time and attention at the beginning of your PPC set up goes a long long way.

Simple Monthly Fees

We’ll get you set up with us and with Adwords quickly and easily. We’ve developed our processes using the feedback of hundreds of clients to make sure your experience is professional, stress free, and most of all easy to understand. We won’t overload you with data or jargon – unless you want us to of course!

Ad Copy Optimisation

We’ll select the right keywords to meet your exact needs and budget. Picking the right keywords doesn’t simply come from using the right tools but also having the experience to predict how these keywords will perform in your unique account.

Keyword Optimisation

The design of your website is another huge part of your success. Before getting started we’ll make sure your site or landing pages are ready for the highly qualified traffic your new campaigns will be providing. We can offer suggestions or fixes directly to your development team or create landing pages for you.

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