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Ads With Abbie – Google Ads for SME’s & Entrepreneurs

This course is designed for those who want to utilise the power of Google Ads to advertise their business online without the services of an agency or consultant like myself. Maybe you’re just starting out with a small budget or perhaps you want full control. Either way, this course will be designed to get you started while helping you achieve great results on a small budget.

You will learn everything you need to create and manage an effective search ad campaign, to drive high quality users to your website or landing page to get more leads or sales. This course is specifically designed to focus on what you need to know to get you results, without the technical overwhelm.


Analytics With Abbie – Essentials for Business Owners – April 2020

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know as a business owner, on how to use Google Analytics easily and effectively no matter your experience. Upon completion you will be able to use Google Analytics to answer almost any question when it comes to your business’s online performance, marketing ROI and more. You will no longer have to rely on third party reports or experts to tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

  • 8 week course delivered via weekly group lessons, with additional weekly workbook and supportive materials.
  • Go from complete beginner to actively using Google Analytics to understand your digital performance.
  • Learn quickly and effectively with live lessons and Q&A sessions.
  • Benefit from direct 1 to 1 support on technical implementation.

Live Lessons

Live group video lessons keep learning fun and engaging, while allowing for real time interaction, Q&A’s and more. Being actively involved with each lesson in real time means more effective learning, information retention and better results!

Progress Fast

Designed to be easy to understand while also comprehensive, my courses are designed with real results in mind. Go beyond the simple “How to” and get hands on with tools, techniques and advanced level practises in only a few short weeks.

Actually Implement

My courses are designed for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to see real results quickly and start applying what you learn right away. You’ll be implementing your learning within weeks. Not months or years.

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