PPC For Plumbers Case Study

PPC for Plumbers Case Study

57% reduction in CPA and 205% increase in conversion rate within 2 months.

MZR plumbing came to me after running Google Ads for several years without much success. After trying several agencies and freelancers nothing seemed to be the right fit and they just couldn’t generate the return on investment they needed in this super competitive, local market. PPC for plumbers can be notoriously expensive… but this doesn’t mean it can’t work well.

Within 2 months, we managed to reduce their average CPA from £70.44 to £29.86, an improvement of over 57%. This improvement was also compounded by the fact we helped them create a specially designed landing page and increased their conversion rates from 5.13% to 15.86%. An improvement of over 205%.

PPC for plumbers can be very expensive depending on the target locations and local competition. So it is paramount to make sure all aspects of campaigns and the landing page funnel are properly optimised.

This also involves optimisation for all devices, specifically for mobile devices which drive the majority if traffic.

PPC for plumbers can and should be highly effective and profitable, with the right set up, management and optimisation.

This client benefited from…

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