Adwords Interface Is Down Worldwide – Google Adwords News

Adwords Interface Is Down Worldwide – Google Adwords News

Based on reports from advertisers, account managers, agencies and Google reps across the world we can confirm that the Adwords interface is down today as of 10AM BST, and that this is a worldwide issue. Ads should still be running as normal but the AdWords interface is not available for many this morning.

Google have confirmed they are dealing with a technical issue, and that they are working on a fix.

If you try to log into your AdWords account and get a repeated error message – you may also be affected.

Google have estimated the issue should be fixed within the hour, but this could take longer.

We’ll have updated on the status of this technical issue as soon as more information is available.

**Update 10:45am BST **

The interface is now back up and running for most advertisers.

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