5 Ways to Get More Sales from Existing Traffic

5 Ways to Get More Sales from Existing Traffic

Your website is getting some traffic – awesome! But now you want to make the most of it.

Generating traffic might seem like the most important part of marketing, but if you don’t turn any of that traffic into paying customers, your effort (any money) will have been wasted. Increaseing your conversion rate should be an ongoing process, but today I’d like to go over 5 relatively quick and easy ways you can start to get more sales from your existing traffic.

Let’s dive in!

1. Create engagement with pop ups, quizzes, and games

Engagement is essential if you want to create customers who not only buy from you the first time, but long into the future. Taking the time to create an interactive resource like a quiz, or even a game for your traffic will increase your conversion rates and also just better engage people who visit your website.

I’m an especially big fan of quizzes, because they don’t only give you more valuable information as a business – they can also offer a lot of value for the user as well. You can use quizzes to suggest specific products, solutions or even provide quotes. Automate a few processes and all of a sudden you have an automated funnel that improves the user experience, increases sales, AND delivers you more segmented data on your website users.

lead quiz example

More engaged users are also more likely to remember your brand, and buy more both first time around, AND shop with you again.

Engagement equals more fun, more trust, and more sales for you! And of course depending on the type of engagement you use, you can also use it to collect email addresses and extra information on your website visitors that can better aid your marketing.

2. Use colour thoughtfully and effectively to drive action

We humans love colour! It even impact our emotions and influence our behaviour. Colours that exist in nature can be especially powerful – like red. In the natural world red is the colour of danger. This is why it has repeatedly been shown to be the best performing colour for buttons and calls to action. Because we are wired to look for it in our surroundings.

button colour example

Which is your eye most drawn too? Probably the red button… right?

Orange and Green are also high performing colours for CTA’s. But you can use colour in so many creative ways. Consider how the colour and design of your website will make your users feel and use that to inspire them, guide them and engage them and get more sales!

3. Get more of your website visitors to join your email list

I know what you’re thinking… “email sign ups aren’t sales”. You’re right. But did you know that email marketing has the highest conversion rate of any other marketing channel? On average for every $1 spent on email marketing business make $47. No, that’s not a typo!

A large portion of your traffic to your website will never convert, and most won’t convert the first time round. But getting your website visitors onto your email list increases the change of converting them significantly. After all, you’re creating a relationship with that person, and they are giving you access to their inbox to stay in touch with them for months… or even years!

download example

You can generate more email subscribers by offering downloadable resources like PDF guides, or offering opt-in events like webinars. Or use the tried and tested “Join our mailing list for 10% off your first purchase” if you sell products online. But I encourage you to focus on delivering value so that your website users feel like they have to join your email list because what you’re offering is so awesome.

With a good strategy you can start using an email list to get more sales in just a matter of weeks. You can even automate email flows so that the work to you and your team is minimal. Once you have grown your list, be consistent, deliver value and sell specifically. Try to segment your email list to offer the most relevant content possible.

4. Use above the fold space effectively

Nothing turns my smile upside down like seeing above the fold space on a page not being used! It’s such a waste!

Above the fold means anything that is visible on a page without having to scroll down, and it is the most important part of any page on your website. Why? Because its the part of any page that a user is most likely to look at and actually read.

This is why it’s so important to optimise above the fold space properly. The above the fold space is the content visitors are most likely to engage with and should be designed to drive action or deliver a clear message as soon as they land.

Here are some top tips for maximising your above the fold content:

  • If you are collecting leads, have a short and sweet form right there at the top of the page.
  • Showcase a video to sell or explain your offering
  • Include a clear and simple call to action button or call out.
  • Showcase a review score, or glowing testimonial.
  • Use images of real people if you can. A smiling face increases conversions!

5. Utilise more video content across your website

Using video content on a page, increases your conversion rate. It’s simple but true! You don’t even need to have a flashy or expensive video – even a simple video of you or your team speaking about your offering will improve your results.

Video is the most engaging form of media (except perhaps games) and people prefer to absorb information through a video over reading a paragraph of text. Most website visitors don’t actually read long sections of text, but instead will skim-read. So using video to communicate with your audience will share your message or offer in a fat more engaging way.

The most common reason I see for business owners not using video content is because they think it’s too expensive. But with everyone carrying high quality cameras in our pockets these days, there is no long any reason to lack video content. There are even apps you can use on your phone completely free, to create simple but effective promo videos.

If you or your team is a little camera shy, there are other budget friendly options like animated explainer videos through the likes of fiverr or platforms like biteable. But investing in video is always a great choice, and if you carefully consider how you shoot, produce and edit you can re-use and re-cut video an an almost unlimited number of ways.

So there you have it! 5 ways to get more sales from your existing traffic. Which of these will you be implementing? I hope you enjoyed this article, make sure to join our mailing list if you’d like to be notified about similar topics.


Google Ads expert, conversion optimisation consultant and digital marketing coach. Abbie has almost 8 years of experience working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of paid ad campaigns to super-charge growth and ROI.
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